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The Yield Lab Europe is part of a global network of Agrifood Tech funds, with global headquarters in St Louis USA, and sister funds in LATAM and Singapore.  The Yield Lab Europe is a €21m early stage Agrifood and Ag Tech fund which comprises an accelerator and a larger follow-on fund, investing in high tech companies with the potential to significant disrupt and improve our current systems of global food production, and to improve the environmental sustainability of the industry.  The main fund invests €1m each into 10-12 companies over several follow on rounds, with the strongest accelerator companies expected to progress to the main fund.

The Yield Lab Europe’s accelerator invests €100,000 into early stage Agri Food and Ag Tech companies that revolutionize agriculture and food systems to sustainably feed the world. In addition to providing capital, The Yield Lab Europe provides access to individualized mentoring from industry experts, access to the premiere Agri Food/ Ag Tech accelerator in Ireland, and access to the Yield Lab global network of experts, corporates and investors all around the world to enable companies to successfully scale and commercialise internationally. The Yield Lab Europe currently has seven companies in its portfolio, of whom four are Irish.  Going forward we expect to invest in five new companies per year through the accelerator.

Currently our fund invests in the following countries, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and UK.

About the Yield Lab Europe

The Yield Lab Europe programming runs for twelve months, and location alternates between Dublin, London and St Louis. During this time, companies will be guided through a uniquely developed accelerator programme designed to combine the existing technology entrepreneurial ecosystem with strong agricultural industry leaders, and to showcase these companies to corporate and strategic partners, and to international investors to enable them to scale.

As well as its European presence, the Yield Lab Ireland has a global network available to help each portfolio company in their pursuit of growth. 

The Team

  • Nicky Deasy
    Nicky Deasy

    Nicky Deasy is Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Yield Lab Europe, overseeing the day to day operations. Previously she ran Alta Corporate Finance, primarily advising early stage MedTech companies to raise venture capital, as well as other M&A advice. She was Director of Corporate Finance with EY, and Associate Director with KPMG Corporate Finance.

  • David Bowles
    David Bowles

    David is a General Partner of Yield Lab Europe where he focuses on sourcing new investments and managing the Yield Lab portfolio. Previously he was a venture capital investor at Delta Partners delivering returns from a diverse portfolio of companies. David started his career at IBM and Merrill Lynch before joining McKinsey & Company.

  • Paul Finnerty
    Paul Finnerty

    Paul is Co-Founder and Chairman of Yield Lab Europe. Previously, Paul was CEO of ABP Food Group for 10 years until October 2016. ABP is one of Europe’s largest privately-owned agribusinesses which employs 10,000 people across 42 production facilities around Europe in beef, lamb, convenience foods, pet food and renewable energy.

  • Brian Clevinger
    Brian Clevinger

    Brian is Co-Founder and General Partner of the Yield Lab Europe and led efforts on behalf of Yield Lab USA to come to Ireland. He is also Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Prolog Ventures, an early stage venture capital fund in the healthy living space, which includes agriculture, food and animal health.

  • Sinead Byrne
    Sinead Byrne

    Sinead is responsible for the financial reporting of the Fund and associated GP entities. She is a member of the Chartered Accountants Ireland and Institute of Banking Ireland.


ApisProtect – Cork, Ireland

ApisProtect uses in-hive sensors, retrofitted into existing beehives, to unobtrusively monitor honey bee colonies. The collected data is gathered using mobile networks, then machine learning and big data techniques are applied which provide actionable insights about colony health, diseases, pests and other important events to make effective beekeeping decisions.

Hexafly – Meath, Ireland

Hexafly converts low value brewers waste into environmentally-friendly protein and nutritional oil products, of high value to the aquaculture fish feed market. Other by-products include frass, a natural fertilizer, and chitin, a bio-polymer used in medicine and as a food additive. These products are derived from black soldier fly larvae, which consume the brewers waste They have already began exporting their product across the E.U. 

ImpactVision – San Francisco, US

ImpactVision is a machine learning company, applying advanced imaging technology to food supply chains.


Our hyperspectral software assesses food quality, such as the freshness of fish, the dry matter content of avocados or the presence of foreign objects non-invasively and at production grade speeds, providing 100% product coverage.

MicroGen Biotech – Carlow, Ireland

Microgen Biotech has developed a unique range of biologicals based on healthy bacteria that restore the soil’s natural microbiome, improving yields and reducing the update of heavy metals into plants. This reduces toxic heavy metals in our foods when applied to crops by farmers during the growing season. It is also used for bioremediation on lands that were polluted with industrial waste, mining and hydrocarbons to decontaminate them and restore them to productive use.

MicroSynbiotiX – Cork, Ireland

MicroSynbiotiX is developing cost-effective oral vaccines to combat infections in aquaculture and improve global food security. They are developing a novel, patent-pending method of producing oral vaccines using transgenic microalgae.

Ubiqutek (t/a Rootwave) – Warwick, England

Herbicides and chemical based products are under increased international regulatory scrutiny for environmental and carcinogenic risks. Ubiqutek aims to solve these issues facing the industry though the launch of its initial product rootwave pro that can kill and control a variety of weeds using electricity. Ubiqutek utilizes a B2B model and seeks to market its product to larger scale mechanical weed control distributors and manufacturers.

Sencrop – Cambridge, UK

The connected ag-weather station available to all.  Sencrop connects rain and wind speed gauges for a more precise, efficient, and eco-friendly agriculture.

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