The Yield Lab Announces Call For Europe’s Leading AgTech Accelerator

The Yield Lab is launching the latest call for its award-winning European accelerator programme. It plans to invest half a million Euro in five Irish and European companies this year that are improving the financial and environmental sustainability of how food is produced.

The Yield Lab Europe is a venture capital fund supported by Enterprise Ireland and AIB to invest
in companies that revolutionize the agriculture and food production systems from farm to fork. This includes technologies in crop production, animal health and welfare, precision agriculture, supply chain/logistics, food ingredients, supply chain, food processing, and packaging.

The fund invests in companies that improve the financial and environmental sustainability of how we produce food, helping to reduce the contribution of the sector to climate change and environmental pollution, whilst simultaneously improving the incomes of farmers and food processors.

The Yield Lab Europe currently has nine companies in its portfolio, four of which are Irish. Cork-based ApisProtect uses technology to help commercial beekeepers monitor and improve the health of their honey bees. Meath-based insect farm Hexafly uses black soldier flies to upcycle brewing waste into high-value proteins, oils and natural fertilisers. Carlow-based Microgen Biotech is another company in the portfolio and uses microbe technology to prevent the uptake of toxic heavy metals into our food. Animal health company MicroSynbiotiX, based in Cork develops a microalgae oral vaccine technology platform to reduce antibiotic usage and tackle disease in aquaculture.

Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Nicky Deasy said:
“Climate change is the single biggest threat to mankind. Agriculture remains the single largest contributor to Ireland’s overall greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 34%. At The Yield Lab Europe, we are backing the best technologies to drive Ireland’s agricultural system towards carbon neutral status over the next 10 years”.

The Yield Lab Europe is currently accepting applications for its 2020 accelerator programme.
To apply visit:

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